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by Art Fag City on August 22, 2006 Events

New media sucks because its not integrated with the art world, and instead it’s more integrated with the technology world, and technology worshippers…(it is) imprisoned in the media arts ghetto & doomed never to escape …. Guthrie Lonergan

The above statement was sent to me by artist Guthrie Lonergan in an email last week in response to the post New Media: Why It Doesn't Suck. I have reprinted it here with his permission because these sentiments have focused my own Eyebeam reblogger mandates for the next two weeks, which is basically this: If the purpose of Eyebeams reblog is to focus on Art and Technology, it is my intention to emphasize the AND in this bi-line. In other words, as a reblogger, I will be mixing news, gossip, and reviews of “older” mediums, with that of new media art, and technology. If a large part of New Media’s problem’s stem from not being integrated with the art world, perhaps we should try mixing them up a little and see what happens.

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