Massive Links! A & E Eat Your Heart Out Edition

by Art Fag City on August 30, 2006 Events

While this week continues to be slow in art, you can feel the anticipation of the new season building. Work has already started to pile up around here at AFC which means there will be quite a bit to talk about in upcoming posts, and that’s not even including this week’s enticing edition of the emerging artist summer series!

For those who are wondering what’s up in art news, I have listed a few things over on Eyebeam’s reblog that I think maybe of interest. There seems to be quite a bit of interest in fine art by the entertainment business as of late. Here are a few of the highlights.

Fine Art in Entertainment:

Ric Burns has put together a 4 hour documentary on Andy Warhol which opens this Friday (September 1st) at The Film Forum. Jeff Koon’s is the voice of Andy Warhol, so all of us over here at AFC are wondering how he will put his former stock broker skills to use to pull that one off. Of course, he’s also the art porn star of the nineties, so I guess film industry is old hat for him. Laurie Anderson narrates, and interviews with Dave Hickey, George Plimpton (deceased 2003), and wealth of other art world A-listers will be featured in the production.

VOOM: On September 5th VOOM’s Gallery HD will begin its new series, The Art of the Heist. Unfortunately, it looks like the stolen art they discuss in the series is rarely recovered, but those who have HD, (or know someone who does), can learn all about why nobody has found Edward Munch’s The Scream, or what clever methods are used to execute an art “sting”. I notice the Art of the Heist does not include sham hijackery, such as Art Hijack, but it is conceivable that this is a little outside their focus.

Gondry: He showed up the apple store to give a talk yesterday on his work, and soon to be released movie The Science of Sleep. Bloggers really have to step it up a notch as there was no lack of coverage on this event, and yet no one has thought to ask him what is up with the movie’s cliched bi-line Close Your Eyes, Open Your Heart. If I meet him here, you can rest assured that I will be bringing this subject up.
UPDATE: Luckily I have readers who are more on the ball than I am. Thanks to “LL Smooth J”, I now know that hosts an interview with Gondry where he talks about what he wanted the movie bi-line to be: There is nothing less attractive than love. I know this will be news to all of you, but sometimes studios can hinder the execution of good ideas.

8 BIT: A Documentary about Art and Videogames, premieres at The Museum of Modern Art on October 7, 2006. Blogger and artist Tom Moody will be featured in the documentary, and has reposted some thoughts on the project at Digital Media Tree. And of course there is any number of media (youtube and quicktime) available on line to watch the trailer.

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