In Reblogging Conclusion

by Art Fag City on September 5, 2006 Events

In as much as I would like to discuss “the art” of reblogging, I have decided anything more than a hundred words on a horse I have already flogged is a self indulgence I am not willing to allow myself. In addition to this I feel I can say with some certainty that it is the dullest topic in the world for anyone other than rebloggers. I will leave it to the readers of the Eyebeam reblog to decide if I did a good job, and say only this on the subject: In addition to the goal I initially articulated to mix traditional and new mediums, I made it a point not to reblog anything ipod related (which represented at least a third of the tech content coming in from the news feeds.) I don't care how cool that gadget is, I don't want to have to read about it anywhere other than on the subway.

Addendum: A shout out to Marisa Olson, the Rhizome reblogger/superuser, whose talents I now have a special appreciation for.

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