The New Look of Cory Arcangel

by Art Fag City on September 29, 2006 Events

The above headline is undoubtedly an overstated response to the observation that the title of Cory Arcangel’s new show is a stylistic departure from his previous exhibitions. Prior titling such as Don’t Touch My Computer and Welcome to My Homepage, and are a little lighter in nature than name of the show that opens tonight at Team Gallery, subtractions, modifications, addenda, and other recent contributions to participatory culture. The title is fine of course, but it does have the disadvantage of being impossible to remember. I’ve been calling it the “blah blah blah, and other recent contributions to participatory culture….dot org” for some time now, which is to say, I should really work on my skills of memorization. I can’t say I’ve ever been able to claim I’m any good at remembering names or titles.

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