The Importance of Artist Writing: An Ongoing Discussion

by Art Fag City on October 25, 2006 Events

Artist and blogger Deborah Fisher has been posting some interesting thoughts lately on the role of the artist as critic. Inspired by the Donald Kuspit’s dime story psychology on why artists as critics don’t work, Fisher thankfully debunks the writer’s lecture with relative ease. Yesterday, she built on that discussion with a post titled Beyond Brutality and Bashing, by asking what happens when artists are left out of the discourse of their art. I have had a lot of opinions about this in the past, so as you can imagine I had quite a bit to say about the subject when Fisher asked me to comment over email. A few of my thoughts are threaded into her post if you’re interested, but I think the real meat of essay is Fisher’s thoughts about what motivates the criticality of the artist.

Link here.

P.S. As per usual, I’m running behind on promised posts. Cory Arcangel’s show will be discussed shortly. I also have a few thoughts on Paul Slocum’s performance two weeks ago, though I worry that by the time I get around to articulating them, nobody is going to give a shit.

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