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by Art Fag City on November 2, 2006 Events

The fact that I can’t be in multiple places is really slowing down the production here at Art Fag City. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t attend the events I can’t though. Here are two events worth your consideration for tonight (apologies to the New Media buffs in the audience, who are probably reading about this for the fourth time.)

A Conversation with Olia Lialina
Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery
601 W 26th Street, Suite 1240
New York, NY 10001

One of the “original” net artists, this talk with Olia Lialina, and my favorite scholar and curator Caitlin Jones is not to be missed. This event is conjunction with Rhizome’s Tenth Anniversary Festival.

And in my own hood:

STOOP Series (New York Magazine, in conjuction with BRIC’s Rotunda Gallery)
Featuring artists Mickalene Thomas, Wangechi Mutu, and music by DJ Naturally.
Moderated by New York magazine film critic Logan Hill
Rotunda Gallery
33 Clinton Street, Brooklyn NY
November 2, 7 pm

This is the second installment of a series that runs though June 2007, featuring Logan Hill in discussion with both established and emerging talent from Brooklyn’s art, film, music, theater and literary scenes. I am particularly interested in painter Mickalene Thomas, whose use of over sized rhinestones can be awkwardly charming at times. I’m not 100% convinced it works all the time, but I am engaged enough to be keeping track of what she’s making, so I figure that’s something.

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