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by Art Fag City on November 7, 2006 Events

I’ll be working most of the day, so there won’t be much that constitutes a real post today. However, I do want to leave you with the brief reflection that last Thursday’s talk with Web artist Olia Lialina at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery seems particularly timely. Lialina spoke at length about her work post 2000, describing it as an activity in archiving old web aesthetics – a project that is of increasing importance as web aesthetics 2.0 continues to replace 1996 -2000 Internet culture with it’s own. Fortuitously arriving only few days after the discussion, MTAA-RR’s podcast with Marisa Olson expands the current problems net artists are tackling. Tom Moody paraphrases T.Whid’s questions:

–Is the 8 Bit movement “evolving,” since Cory Arcangel is the leader of the movement and his most recent show contained nothing 8 Bit in it?

–Is it a problem that artwork requiring specialized knowledge to appreciate (“Net Art”) is on the Web where anyone can consume it in a “mass media” way?

–Is Net Art “devolving” into something that can be judged very easily and quickly and rated according to its “hit count”?

–Isn’t it getting harder and harder for Net artists to work in the context of an “other Web culture” (i.e., popular, amateur) that is steadily growing?

For Moody’s full post click here.

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