Super Secret Santa

by Art Fag City on December 20, 2006 Events

Santa looking like a creepy George Lucas. Super Secret Santa by Jason Corace. Web Design by Jason Corace and Amy Finkel

I’m not really a fan of party reporting, but sometimes you have no choice. When I reported from Miami I did it primarily so I could complain about trophy wife culture, and trumpet a good DJ. Today, I report on my own Christmas party because I love robots. Super Secret Santa is a mechanical bot that records who’s been naughty and who’s been nice this year. His data was collected this Saturday at our annual Christmas party, and uploaded live to for immediate voting. Yes, that’s right, we leave it up to you to decide who’s really been bad. The full story below.

Concurrent with the rising price of coal, so has risen the level of naughtiness within the general population. Santa can no longer afford to purchase such large quanties of coal, and must resort to giving those who are naughty a chance to get back on the nice list. He’s pretty busy this year though, so Santa made a few robot clones to attend parties like ours, where there is sure to be more than a few evil doers in the bunch. Much like the Catholic church, you tell Santa your sin, and he absolves you of it. Unlike the Catholic church he uploads it onto a website so Internet nerds can judge how naughty you’ve really been. Do judge us harshly!

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