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by Art Fag City on January 9, 2007 Events

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I feel like a bit of jerk for not immediately recognizing the glory of Buzzfeed, but what can I say? It’s hard to judge a site without any archives. Of course, interestingly enough, this would turn out to be amongst their better features (as T.Whid mentioned over at MTAA a while ago.) The site uses a calendar function that allows you to see virtually anything you would be looking for at a glance, (kudos to Jason Kottke Chris Johanesen for coming up with such a great the design).

Now we all know nobody is going to read a site just because it has a handy calender, but you’ll definitely read it for the same reasons you go to the Onion. The headlines are fantastic. For example:

Saddam 🙁

Political Buzz People are responding empathetically to Saddam Hussein’s execution. Totally crestfallen over Saddam Hussein’s death? You’re not alone.


Tech Buzz New uncensored webcasting site is attracting a lot of MySpace users MySpace is fine for stalking from afar, but ever noticed how MySpace instant messaging barely works? With Stickam, its myriad of uses include video-conferencing with naked 15-year-olds and spying on your dog when you’re not home. Web 2.0 has never been so versatile!

and this jewel from December’s archive,

Animal Porn

Lifestyle Buzz Animals having sex has never been so cute or mindwarpingly hot. Hopefully this will inspire someone to make a porn version of

Come on. Clearly, if animal porn doesn’t win you over, I don’t know what will.

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