A Year In the Internet 2006 Launches Last Week

by Art Fag City on January 16, 2007 Events

You’ll have to excuse my long silence over this weekend, as I caught a horrible case of the flu Friday, and was out of commission for the next several days. Unfortunately, the mere fact that I happen to be asleep does not stop news from occurring, so it was during this time that some of my favorite Internet professionals/curators took to reflecting on 2006. This year, the participating list makers of A Year In the Internet 2006, expanded from 14 to 16, which brings roughly 30 more links than last year if you include the new bonus section. I’ve picked out a few of my favorite links below, but before I get to that, a couple of brief observations about this year’s picks vrs last year’s.

First, virtually everyone included video footage of some kind, which marks a big change from last years heavy gif/jpeg link collections. Notably, there appears to be less interest in the DIY projects such as camera hacks, and retro computers, (not that it has disappeared mind you) . These links have been replaced with archive and reference sites, and a few more welcome links than usual to net art projects. Finally, I’ll observe that while I spent the majority of this weekend in bed, the few hours I was outside of that location were spent following the links in this list, which is to say, this years list is easily as good as last years. Of course, perusing roughly 140 links over the course of the day may be a little more than your employer will permit, so here are a few of my favorites to start you off.

Pick via Ed Halter
A Night of Bush Capturing. Despite rhetoric to the contrary, the Middle East does hate Americans. They’ve made video games to prove it. (Additional note: Ed Halter also made mention of cats getting too much play on the Internet. Hear hear!)

Pick via Charles Broskoski
28 years in the implicate order – video by Pascual Sisto. This video creeps me out for some reason.

Pick via John Michael Boling
Guthrie Lonergan’s nine short music videos. They are all great.
And the Dark Side of the Food Pyramid . How awesome is that?

Pick via Brett O’Conner
Shoes. Probably the best music video I’ve seen all year. Well, that and the okgo treadmill video, but we’ve all seen that.

Pick via David Moore and Nicholas Reville
Paper Toilet. So satisfying.

Pick via Simon Carless
This sex pot Pet Shop Boys cover is a little ridiculous, which of course is why I like it.

Pick via Cory Arcangel and Hanne Mugaas
So Awesome. Glenn Gould discussing the art of Fugue.
Basshunter. For the avid pop culture consumer. It’s not so bad it’s good, but it’s almost there.

Pick via Guthrie Lonergan
Lego knitting machine movie. It’s the soundtrack more than anything that makes this movie astonishing.

A Year in the Internet 2006 is a project spearheaded by Michael Bell-Smith and Cory Arcangel.

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