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by Art Fag City on January 22, 2007 Events

Image copyright Taschen
  • MAO reports on the Taschen Warehouse book sale, calling it a huge disappointment. Having gone to the store myself this weekend I have to agree. It seems Taschen can’t get rid of their books on Lady Di or Playboy, so I image there are still five million of those books left, but anything you’d actually want to own was not on sale. I was lucky enough to find an Eric Kroll book worth picking up, but I’m only nominally convinced it was worth the effort. He’s no Richard Kern but ultimately I felt it would be a mistake to dismiss a woman with hands down her pants.
  • The Reeler has a great story on Amir Bar-Lev’s documentary My Kid Could Paint That which screened at Sundance this week. There appears to be some controversy over whether child art prodigy Marla Olmstead actually made the paintings she became famous for or if she has just developed poorly as an artist over time. The family says they are deeply hurt by the documentary, which does not seem like a good sign since a documentarian would have to ask questions of authorship in light of the fact that the work has changed significantly over the past two years. I haven’t seen the movie, though my initial reaction was one that assume Marla Olmstead had painted the works, but much like the countless child actors who performed brilliantly at 5, once self conscious lost all “skill”.
  • A minor point, but one we enjoy regardless: Modern Art Notes has a brand new design. Here’s hoping that future incarnations of artsjournal blogs will have white backgrounds, as this really helps the viewing of art (jpegs). For now though, I’m happy that their RSS feeds provide at least the first couple of lines in their posts.

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