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by Art Fag City on February 9, 2007 Events

Linda Nochlin,
Image copyright Brooklyn Museum

I like to complain about the MoMA website, but you have to hand it to them for stocking it with so much content. For example, videos for each of the speakers at the January 26-27 symposium The Feminist Future: Theory and Practice in the Visual Arts, are now online. This is particularly useful given that the event had been sold out for months. Now if you haven’t seen the event your only excuse is that you haven’t made the time.

Screengrab AFC

In case you are wondering what the Texas art website Glasstire has to do with the New York Art Scene, the answer is two fold: One as I mentioned a while ago, New York seems to show a number of great artists from that state, and the scene seems to be very healthy. Two, they are the most comprehensive US art web publishers outside of New York, and therefore naturally of interest to us. In any event, Glasstire redesigned their site and added a few new features we’d like to note. For those of you who don’t use news readers, the site now has a section titled US Art Headlines. Links to The New York Times, Modern Art Notes, Rhizome and the Village Voice are provided. Not to over state the importance of blogs, but people do read them, so we like that they now have them. Finally, their article archives now date back to 2001 and are fully accessible, which means their value as a research resource will grow. Unfortunately, they don’t seem to have added RSS feeds to their site. I guess we’ll have to boo at them for that.

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