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by Art Fag City on February 9, 2007 Newswire

AFC note: No pictures this time, but I trust you can make it through this one post without the “news” visual aid.

LRB – Peter Campbell Reviews Wallinger at Tate Britain
Try to a resist a review that ends with, “It's better to acknowledge that grand narrative is dead. If that's what you're interested in, go to the movies instead.” Campbell discusses artist Mark Wallinger’s reconstruction of materials accumulated by Brain Haw in his bold protest of Britain’s policies in Iraq. Exhibit at Tate Britain.

ARTnews – Interview with Linda Nochlin
Linda Nochlin follows up her landmark, 1971 article for ARTnews with this sit-down for the mag’s February issue devoted to new Feminist art. She has a great vocabulary, including definitions for “feminisms” (plural) and “anti-painting.”

Cabinet Magazine Online – A Poet of Cloth
This essay about dandy George “Beau” Brummell and the art of the cravat was published in Cabinet’s print mag last year. Discover it in honor of Fashion Week.

…might be good – Interview with Robert Pruitt
Nicole J. Caruth hosts an interview with Houston-based artist Robert Pruitt for this contemporary art biweekly. Pruitt discusses his drawings on view at Clementine Gallery, bridging the gap between African tradition and contemporary practices, and his fondness for cheap, accessible materials.

India’s self-proclaimed first ezine of art covers large museum shows, interviews with artists and curators, and shout-outs to AFC. Note the interview with artist Noah Fischer, who makes Art Fag City’s Best Art of 2006 as a bonus pick.

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