The Amory Report, 2007

by Art Fag City on March 30, 2007 Events

The Armory Fair

The New York Armory offered prime art viewing opportunities this year. Look at hundreds of galleries at once, through a sea of thousands.


Going to the Armory Show is a little like getting floor seats to a music show – you’re almost guaranteed to have a viewing experience that includes the head of someone taller than you. Not surprisingly, the fair reports today that attendance rose to 52,000 visitors, which represents an increase of 5,000 from last year. I suppose the good news for galleries and artists in all this is that according to the Armory total sales exceeded $85 million, rising from $62 in 2006. It’s great that people are doing well, don’t get me wrong, but I really don’t want to be in a position ten years from now when I’m reminiscing about the good old days when we primarily looked at art in galleries.

Correction: Due to general human error I reported that the Armory had lost space in its move to pier 94 when it had in fact had not.

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