Art Fag City Opening Recommendations Part Two

by Art Fag City on September 6, 2007 Events

Deborah Kass, Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner

Deborah Kass, Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner, 2007, Copyright Paul Kasmin

I have to admit I wasn’t aware of painter Deborah Kass’s work before we shared a spot on a panel discussion at Brooklyn Fire Proof a couple of months ago. Given her demonstrated great critical capacity though, I’m naturally interested in her upcoming show at Paul Kasmin, “Feel Good Paintings for Feel Bad Times.” It’s unclear as of yet, how political her new work will be, but the title certainly sounds promising. On this note, I should say, that I’ve been thinking a lot recently about the possible negative effects of fields of professional study that refuse to engage in critical discourse about the war, and since Fine Arts professionals are fairly constant offenders, this year I will be actively seeking out such work. Opens Friday 6-8

Jules De Balincourt, Untitled 2007

Jules de Balincourt, Untitled, 2007, Image copyright Zach Feuer Gallery

Painter Jules De Balincourt also tops our recommends this week with his show Unknowing Man’s Nature. I suppose this is cheating, but since I went so far as to write an exhibition listing for flavorpill on his work, you can either read it below or amongst a number of other recommendations put together by my fabulous editor H.G. Masters. Opens tonight 6 through 8.

Named by New York magazine as one of ten artists most likely to succeed in 2005, Jules de Balincourt launches his third solo show at Zach Feuer Gallery. In Unknowing Man’s Nature, de Balincourt reprises his signature apocalyptic rainbows, suggesting both a powerful beauty and devastating force. This time however, his palette grows darker, revealing an even more somber optimism. Speaking to the works’ meditative aspects, Untitled (Lake) is a flat depiction of recreational activities in small-town America, narrating the formation of American values. His small painting Unkinking the Kinks reveals de Balincourt’s interest in deconstructing, contextualizing, and reflecting on his own iconography.

A-Z Smockshop

Andrea Zittel, A-Z Smockshop, Image copyright Susan Inglett Gallery

Artist Andrea Zittel has not left Andrea Rosen Gallery but is also showing with Susan Inglett Gallery.  The new exhibition will display her piece A-Z Smockshop, and installation created by dozens of artist seamstresses. The dresses will be sold at “ready to wear” prices (whatever those are,) Zittel aiming to merely break even. Naturally, she instructs all of her clients to wear the merchandise each day for the entire season. There’s a trend certain to catch on. Opens Friday 6-8

Correction: We wrote that Zittel had discontinued her relationship Andrea Rosen, a statement based on extraneous details in an article published on Charlie White’s departure last fall.

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