BlipFestival at Eyebeam

by Art Fag City on December 4, 2007 Events + Posting Notice

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Grandma Johnson attended the BlipFestival at Eyebeam last Thursday observing a number of youths at least 10 years her junior dancing to chiptunes.  I probably wouldn’t have felt quite so self conscious if there were a few more people around, but the crowd was thin enough that those who chose to dance stood out as teenagers.  Rather than show you the one shot I managed to get of someone relatively well known — a quarter head of one of the members of Bodingstandig — I rooted around youtube a bit to find some of the finer footage I missed over the weekend.   DJ Big Wiz performing with minusbaby [above], is in my opinion, amongst some of the better clips from the festival on youtube.

A word of warning: Depending on how things go for us this morning, this may be our only post for the day.  We’ll be spending the majority of our day in an airplane.

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