Direct From My Inbox: The Alternate Spam Universe

by Art Fag City on February 22, 2008 Blurb

Snipes and Little Switzerland
Right: Wesley Snipes, Left: Little Switzerland, Installation view.

Dan Levenson of Little Switzerland sends me the funniest email I’ve received this week.

Here we are in discussion in an alternate spam universe, where my thoughts continually move towards tax preparation and Wesley Snipes recent acquittal on tax fraud charges and its probable effect on tax law:

AZ: Right, and Little Switzerland also has actual artwork that is attributed to the artists in the gallery stable, am I right’

DL: Yeah. Snipes ‘win’ doesn’t let tax filers off the hook. In my work, Ive always tried to create some kind of world that I can maneuver through that is infinitely expandable, modular, and that I can change. [Scroll down to see relevant text.]

For those who haven’t been following the Wesley Snipes trial, the actor was convicted for failing to file his tax returns for while, and faced up to three years in federal prison. Snipes disagreed with IRS on the subject of taxes, namely, that he should have to pay them, though not surprisingly in the end the court ordered that he had to cough up the money just like everyone else. Obviously the spam ramifications for Little Switzerland have been profound.

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