Keary Rosen at Jenny Jaskey

by Art Fag City on March 24, 2008 Events


We don’t normally report on exhibitions outside New York, but we will make exception from time to time for shows that interest us. Using the title M-Class Planet, a term coined on Star Trek meaning a planetary atmosphere capable of supporting human life, Keary Rosen’s upcoming exhibition at Jenny Jaskey in Philadelphia naturally appealed to the nerds here at the AFC HQ. The show itself is comprised of three kenetic sculptures, as well as video, drawing and photography. Jpeg evaluation being what it is, I find myself quite fond of what appears to be a photograph of an owl, but don’t yet have an overall sense of what the show will look like. Guess you’ll just have to go see it to find out. The exhibition opens this Friday, 6-9, a perfect excuse for those not interested in art fairs to get out of the city. Full disclosure: I went to grad school with Keary Rosen, and on an unrelated note, love his work.

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