Art Basel in July: Terence Koh’s Anus Has Seen Better Days

by Art Fag City on August 26, 2008 Events

Art Basel redux!

Peres Projects installation view, photograph AFC

Admittedly some of the photographs in the Kirstine Roepstorff, Terence Koh collaboration at Peres Projects Art Basel aren’t bad, but so much of this work is over done it’s hard to know what’s good. For example, how many self portrait anal bone probings do we need to see by Koh? Is it necessary to feature all of those black skulls drenched in drippy enamel? At what point does an artist say, okay, I’ve got enough sparkling black blood on this photographed ass? Many of us would have been happier had this point been hit a lot sooner.

neugerriemschneider, installation view, photograph AFC

In other Basel low points, neugerriemschneider‘s mirrored floor, hanging wire sculptures and chandeliered overhead, stood out as a booth to avoid. Collectors it would seem, inexplicably love tackiness though; I wasn’t able to get within five feet of a single employee. That said, asking the gallerists questions wasn’t exactly my top priority.

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