17 Hours of Darkness at Light Industry

by Art Fag City on January 12, 2009 Events

Image via: Light Industry

I don’t know why the Canadian landscape inspires dark anxieties, but judging by the contemporary cinematic output of the country (hello Adam Egoyan and David Cronenberg), the term maybe understating the psychological trauma investigated.  Tomorrow, Christina Battle curates 17 hours of darkness (reflections on this place I call home) at Light Industry, a program promising to highlight all of that “good stuff”.  She also promises a little hockey, which should be enough to get art critic and puck connoisseur Tyler Green out to Brooklyn Tuesday should he be in town.

Works to be screened include, 18,000 Dead in Gordon Head by Clive Holden, Taking Pictures by Scott Berry and Adam Segal, Lake Ontario (in my head) by Penny McCann, oil wells: sturgeon road & 97th street by Christina Battle, Wreck/Nation by John Price, Mean by Clive Holden,  Défi des étoiles, and Fore and Aft by Sara MacLean, and Shoulders on a Map, Jason Britski.  There will also be a handmade slide show.  Tickets cost $7 bucks at the door.

Full program details here.

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