The L Magazine Relaunches!

by Art Fag City on April 24, 2009 Events

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The L Magazine Relaunch

The L Magazine’s newly designed website looks great!  I’m biased of course — I write a regular column for the publication — but I’m also not blind.  The robust site offers up a lot more content, and its easy to find.  Speaking of which, you’ll be finding my reviews there a little more frequently.   I’ll be contributing every week now!

On that note, I’d like to take a minute to hat tip the good folks over at the L Magazine.  They do great work and are exceptionally supportive of the arts, a title far too many publications in the city no longer tout (Don’t miss the L Magazine’s North Side Festival June 11th through 14th.). In particular, thanks to Editor-in-Chief Jonny Diamond who has put up with my late filings for over a year now.  Also, a nod to Andrea Rosen, surely one of the best Digital Marketing Directors I have ever still not met.  The L Magazine twitter feed is a riot thanks to her.

In other web 2.0 news, Yahoo announced they will close Geocities yesterday.  Clearly the effect of The L Magazine’s relaunch is rippling across the web.

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