Vice TV’s “Screwed in Houston” Mixes Sizzurp and Sensibility

by Karen Archey on May 22, 2009 Events + The L Magazine

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Still AFC, VBS TV’s “Screwed in Houston”

Can purple-drankin‘ freestylers be successful businessmen? They certainly can according to Vice TV‘s Trace Crutchfield, a necktie-clad white guy tailing the Third Coast’s finest in the documentary Screwed in Houston. Focusing on the city’s lineage of hip hop culture, Crutchfield introduces a variety of characters throughout the Chopped and Screwed scene including Johnny Dang, the local purveyor of grills and other bling; Dope-E, the vegetarian rapper who doesn’t let “Disagreeables” in his house; and others recalling the legend of pioneering rapper DJ Screw. DJ Screw came to prominence in late 1992, founding Houston hip hop by mixing and pacing down well-known tracks to fit a Southern, sizzurp-infused sensibility. Worth the watch if you’re interested in hip hop culture, Screwed in Houston manages to mix hilarity with a couple compelling thoughts.

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