Man Trains Dog to Pee Like Andy Warhol

by Art Fag City on August 3, 2009 Newswire

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L: Mambo the dog, Copper metallic pigment and dog urine on canvas; R: Andy Warhol, Copper metallic pigment and human urine on canvas

AFC has never been one to balk at publishing material related to bodily fluids, but our latest lavatorial story really ups the ante in the relevance department. This one combines urine, Andy Warhol, and an adorable dog named Mambo.

With the help of his owner Eugenio, an artist based in Rio de Janiero, Mambo has created a series of metallic pigment and urine-covered canvases as an homage to Warhol’s own works made with the same materials (minus the dog). According to an interview with Kristofer Paetau, who filmed the art making process, it took Eugenio about a month to train Mambo to take a leak on the canvas whenever he said the word “Andy.” After his initial training, however, Mambo became a prolific creator, working on individual canvases at least three times a day—or whenever Eugenio would take him out for a walk.

Of course, Mambo doesn’t do it alone—Eugenio decides where to place the canvas on the ground, which dramatically changes the final work. But the urine paintings are the product of collaboration not only for Mambo, but also for Warhol, who sometimes invited friends to urinate on his canvases with him. If Paetau’s footage of Mambo in action spreads, perhaps it will do for Mambo what action photos did for another famous painter who broke barriers by working on the ground.

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