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by Art Fag City on August 25, 2009 Events


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Rocketboom‘s Andrew Baron launches today, the TV Guide of web video. The site’s about page sports a signature Baron style slide show, explaining exactly what does. “Video online has become a decentralized mess” reads one slide with a countless arrows pointing to different video hosting websites, torrent players and web stores such as itunes. According to the website, brings all this together, allowing users to collect (through the site itself, which sorts all videos in one place), share (through your channel) and track (through your social media buzz meter).

Given that previous to this, no site provided a means to collect all of ones videos from different sites, seems sure to take off.  But how useful is it for those in the arts? A few brief searches tell me not very. Yet. The search term “Matthew Barney” brings back zero results, as does “John Baldessari“, and “Richard Prince“. “Jeff Koons” and “Cory Arcangel” run neck and neck at one video a piece. But these results will change as users set up their accounts.  Art Fag City intends to invest a fair amount of time over the next two weeks populating our own channel with videos from youtube, art babble and to name a few. Web video just got a lot more fun.

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