Alec Soth Seeks Nude Model in Minneapolis

by Art Fag City on September 22, 2009 Blurb

Alec Soth, Jennifer and Terrell, 2005

Minneapolis nude models wishing for their chance to be inaugurated into The Gagosian hall of fame may have their chance this week. Famed photographer Alec Soth placed the following ad on craigslist:

I’m doing a project this week in which I need to photograph a nude model inside of the former Shinder’s building on Hennepin Avenue for an exhibition next month. I’m not looking for anything specific. Male or Female. Small and Large.

I’ve published several books of photographs and will be having a large exhibition of my work at the Walker Art Center next year. For more information on me and my photography, go to

Please contact me ASAP as the shoot needs to happen this week. Please be prepared to send a snapshot of yourself.

Any takers?

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