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by Art Fag City on November 20, 2009 The L Magazine

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Dave Choi, Pig, 2009, Mason jars, colored hot glue, coins. Image via: Hogar Collection

My latest review is up at The L Magazine. The short of it: Go see Dave Choi’s exhibition at Hogar Collection. The teaser below,

Why do some artists become famous while others are passed by? I used to ask this question all the time while visiting artMovingProjects, a Williamsburg gallery that specialized in exhibiting wildly talented mid-career artists, who for one reason or another had been passed over by the Chelsea community. The gallery sadly closed its doors last year, but Dave Choi’s exhibition “If A Lion Could Speak We Could Not Understand Him” at Hogar Collection could be a sign that there are more spaces in that neck of the woods taking on the job.

It’s not clear to me why the 40-year-old artist doesn’t have a long, blue-chip exhibition history, particularly when his virtuoso handling of discarded and mass-produced materials can be gleaned immediately when entering Hogar Collection. Among the more prominent sculptures, a slotless, hot-glued piggy bank [above] made from broken mason jars sits at the back of the gallery while a large wall-mounted, mixed dirt and glue tondo fills the entire far wall. Naturally, there’s less representational rendering in the latter work, but it does include a strangely small pair of skeletons embracing in the gallery’s center, surrounded by carefully laid garbage found on the streets of Bushwick. Hilariously, the detritus includes a lone chicken bone, which is about the same size as any of the larger parts in the skeleton.

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