Best Link Ever! Stock Photo Fantasies: Pedo-Spouts and Funeral Parties!

by Karen Archey on November 20, 2009 Events

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Stock photography is a strange bird. Not only do agencies frequently create bizarro scenes like the free-for-all-funeral above, but they’ve also somehow figured out way to turn a profit from it. This week’s Best Link Ever presents a slew of entertaining stock images showcased with their corresponding search terms. (For example, the phrase that brought image above is “church fun.”) Also of note is Humble Arts Foundation‘s well-organized series “This Week in Stock Photography” featured on their newly launched blog. [Disclaimer: I’m a contractor with Humble.] Highlights include badstockart‘s search for “businesswoman” and Humble’s pedophiliac rain spout.

Best Link Ever is a weekly column posted on Fridays culling gems of the Internet, maintained by Contributing Editor Karen Archey.

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