NEW: Japanther’s Book Don’t Trust Anyone Over 30 and Album Rock ‘in’ Roll Ice Cream

by Art Fag City on February 5, 2010 Events + Newswire

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This looks cool: The art punk rockers known as Japanther have created a limited edition book of their puppet rock opera collaboration with artist Dan Graham, Tony Oursler, and others DON’T TRUST ANYONE OVER 30. This comes with the launch of their new album Rock ‘n’ Roll Ice Cream, out March 2 on vinyl/digital from Menlo Park Recordings.  For what it’s worth, I’ve heard better from Japanther — there’s something a slightly predictable about Spread So Thin’s melody — but that doesn’t mean I’d want to miss them live.  Apparently they do things in concert that make women say, “I want to have that drummer’s baby”.  Notably, that quote appeared on the Walker Museum’s blog, and was punctuated by the author with a definitive, “Amen, sister”.

Those who missed Japanther perform at BAM yesterday can see the band play at Santos Party Haus February 11th.

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