Brandon Herman’s L.A. Pig

by Art Fag City on April 30, 2010 Events

Brandon Herman. Untitled (ATV), 2008.

Watch out: Brandon Herman is coming to town. According to the Envoy press release, the L.A. based artist will be doing…something. I still don't really know what and the written material for the performance doesn’t give any hints.

“It’s going to be intimate,” he had told me. There are maybe eight invitees. And then another eight or so performers. A group of attractive twenty-somethings. All of whom seem drunk. He refers to them as “the models.” There are multiple stops including the Mexican restaurant where Tate and her friends last ate. And the homes where the Menendez Brothers and Wonderland murders occurred. At each, one or more of the models step forward and act out something that seems loosely choreographed and directed. Sometimes he gives them adjustments. Then we move on.

Here three or four of the models peak through the massive front gate. Presumably at the yard where Sharon Tate died. “They may have torn the house down,” he says, “but they all died outside. If
anything, it’s the lot that’s haunted.” The models squeal in terror and excitement. One of them is getting upset . . .

. . . The girl is near tears now. He coaxes her into taking off her top and posing for photos in front of the gate, even as her mascara runs and she shakes in her pose. I have to say, I’m hooked. It’s so heartless and disturbing. It’s so Hollywood.

Clearly, Herman can't stage a progressive-dinner-style run through of Sharon Tate's murder in the heart of Tribeca. Just on speculation and envoy enterprises reputation at AFC as the “gay pin-up boy gallery” of 2008, we’re guessing it might look something like this.

Brandon Herman. Title unknown.

Here's what I did glean from the release: Brandon Herman's “L.A. Pig” takes place next weekend. Envoy Enterprises has set up an open-studio space for the artist from Friday May 7th to Monday May 10th in Tribeca. The mysterious performance piece will take place on Saturday evening at 9. And by 10 I’ll have a little more insight into the “glossy and gritty” mind of Brandon Herman. More to come.

WHERE: envoy enterprises, 385 Broadway 2nd Floor between Walker and White Sts
WHEN: May 8, 8-10 p.m.; Performance 9 p.m.

More dirty pictures after the jump, NSFW (not safe for work)
Brandon Herman. Title unknown.

Brandon Herman. Title unknown.

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