LAST DAY TO DONATE! $50 Off All Sound of Art Limited Edition Prints. Sale Ends at MIDNIGHT Sharp!

by Art Fag City on October 6, 2010 Sound of Art

left to right: Phillip Niemeyer, Picturing the Past 10 Years, 2009, offset lithograph edition of 60, 11 x 14 inches; Michael Smith, Sound Effects/Volume 2010, 2010 Silkscreen, edition of 50, 11 1/4 x 11 1/4 inches; Cliff Evans, Empyrean, 2007, signed artist's multiple, edition of 200, 17.25 x 12.75 inches

Good afternoon Sound of Art DEEP DONATION DISCOUNT Lovers!
We did it — we have successfully met our fundraising goal of $10,000! Any donations received beyond this point will only make our project even more electrifying, so with only a few hours remaining in our campaign, we’re offering a deal. Through midnight (PST) today only, get your hands on a limited edition print by Michael Smith, Phillip Niemeyer, or Cliff Evans for $50 less than the normal donation price. What does that mean exactly?

For only a $200 donation, get a Michael Smith limited edition silkscreen print
(normally $250 — 5 available)

For only a $150 donation, get a Phillip Niemeyer limited edition offset lithograph print
(normally $200 — 5 available)
For only a $100 donation, get a Cliff Evans limited edition artist’s multiple print (normally $150 — 2 available)

In addition, you can still get your very own copy of the Sound of Art album for only $20, a price that will increase to $25 after the close of the fundraiser. The Michael Smith print will increase to $300. Other works are offered only through the duration of this campaign and may not be available after it closes. Donate now before prices go up or limited editions run out!

This special offer is only valid until 12 midnight PST (that’s 3am for you New York night owls), when our kickstarter campaign comes to a close.

There are several other works still available for your donations as well, including:

Brian Belott, Untitled

$675 donation: Brian Belott‘s Untitled, 2008, cotton balls dipped in acrylic, 7 x 10 inches

Brian Belott, Full-proof Pound

$1350 donation: Brian Belott‘s Full-proof Pound, 2010, paper collage, 16 x 22 inches

Aron Namenwirth, Untitled 19 (The Sound of Money)

$1750 donation: Aron Namenwirth‘s Untitled 19 (The Sound of Money), 2005, Acrylic on panel, 48 x 36 inches

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