[Sponsor] Pulitzer Foundation Launches Online Catalogue for Ann Hamilton's stylus

by Sponsors on November 9, 2010 Sponsor

Ann Hamilton's “stylus” at the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts

The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts presents:
stylus | a project by ann hamilton

On view through January 22, 2011

Just launched!  Interactive online catalogue:

If the voice’s call is the origin of speech – with its ability to hail, summon, or bestow a name – then perhaps the hand, raised to touch, or signal at a distance, is its silent counterpart. These two gestures form a call and response that provides the structure for stylus, a project created by Ann Hamilton for the Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts.

Contemporary multimedia artist Ann Hamilton’s installations are notable in part for their capacity to weave a broad palette of media forms into engaging sensory environments. Known for a dense accumulation of materials, her work creates immersive experiences that respond to the architectural presence and social history of their sites, while also engaging the public with broad questions of what it means to assemble in such spaces. Accompanying Hamilton’s stylus project at The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts now comes a similarly experiential multimedia online catalogue.

Through the online catalogue, visitors unable to make it to the museum itself still have a chance to check out the exhibition, explore the galleries and immerse themselves in the images, video, and audio that fill the installation. Contribute to stylus by creating your own concordance text — a key element in Ann Hamilton's work – or add your own voice to stylus. Whether calling in a song, a call, a story, or a history, your words become part of an archive of sounds, which over the course of the project, come to constitute stylus's vocal body.

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