Sarah Frost: Arsenal at PPOW

by Will Brand on April 20, 2011 Reviews

Sarah Frost: Arsenal
Venue: P.P.O.W511 West 25th Street, Room 301
AFC’s Rating: 4/10 (Will Brand)

The bulk of “Arsenal”, Sarah Frost’s first show at PPOW, is hanging from the ceiling. Frost was inspired by the YouTube community of users—mostly young boys—posting how-to videos showing how to make working guns out of paper, and decided to follow their instructions. The result, dozens of painstakingly-crafted guns ranging from pistols to miniguns and weapons from video games, is physically overwhelming but not much else. Frost has reduced an intensely loaded (pardon the pun) context – kids, guns, YouTube, the evident natural urge to teach – to a testament to her ability to work really hard and make a lot of objects; the result is Annette Messager or Tara Donovan-lite, plus the slightest of nods towards the internet. Does Known Good Art + Internet = More Good Art? Not here.

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