Morning Links: International Edition

by Corinna Kirsch on March 7, 2012 Massive Links

  • Why are the Dutch trying to look like butch Sporty Spice? The “gabber” trend of wearing 90s club wear and putting on raver gusto, explained. [Vice Style]
  • For years, the Hermitage Museum has recruited cats to prowl its premises, killing rats and other rodents. [YouTube]
  • David Zwirner claims it sold its entire booth of Suzan Frecon works on the ADAA Art Show's opening night. This is good publicity for their opening at The Armory Show this week. [Art Market Monitor]
  • Never has the transportation of a rock received this much press coverage. Michael Heizer’s 340-ton boulder is scheduled to arrive in at LACMA Saturday, which means there’s time for one more slide show! [The Los Angeles Times]
  • Kudos to Art in America for putting up its archives online, including the crème de la crème of art criticism, like this late-career gem by Lucy Lippard on David Wojnarowicz. [Art in America]
  • Define NORP, inb4, or tl;dr. Triple Canopy has come out with a glossary about terms from what author David Auerbach refers to as “anonymity culture,” including these, but also ones like m4w that have become pretty standard in any internet-speak. [Triple Canopy]
  • French feminism is decades behind the good ol' USA: the government got rid of “Madamoiselle,” our equivalent to “Miss.” [The New York Times]

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