Best of AFC: Summer Edition

by The AFC Staff on September 4, 2012 From the Desk of AFC

Poof! Labor Day came and went, and now summer is over. Before we go full force into fall, AFC wanted to take a trip down memory lane by highlighting our favorite posts of the last few months. We’ve listed our personal favorites on the blog, and recapped our major series, too. We’re fucking glad summer’s over, but at least we wrote some good stuff. First, we’ll recap what we did, and then we’ll list our favorites. Good? Good.

We started off June with our Bushwick Open Studios interview series, and then, all of a sudden, bang! A global ruckus broke out with the firing of Paul Schimmel and the imprisonment of Pussy Riot, stories we covered throughout the summer. Closer to home, Paddy Johnson became The L Magazine’s art editor in June, and since then, AFC has started blogging daily for The L Magazine.

What else happened? Whitney Kimball launched a series of interviews with ABC No Rio, Alex Fialho went to the beach, Paddy Johnson went to Williamstown, and Ben Macaulay started ripping into Gallery Girls. Like always recently, we continued our “We Went to _____” series, where our staff chats about all the shows we visit in any given week. Spoiler alert: there’s a lot of criticism happening there.

On a lighter note, we made the best listicle ever. If you don’t know about circle glasses, then you’re a total art world failure. That’s it, and you should just give up.

Phew. That was a lot, but expect more in the fall, when all the other artsy types return from vacation. Until then, here’s more of our favorites.

Favorite Reviews
Why Not Fund This? A Final Goldsmiths Class Before the Fees,” by Ben Street
Bill Bollinger’s Wimpy Minimalism,” by Corinna Kirsch 
Manifesta 9: Something Old and Tyrannical Burning There,” by Eva Heisler
The Very Finest Place to Put Your Vacuum,” by Will Brand
Portrait of the Robot as a Young Man,” by Will Brand

Favorite Weekly Columns at The L Magazine
My Review of My Review,” by Paddy Johnson
Expressive Erasure,” by Paddy Johnson
Gallery Girls is Terrible and That’s Amazing,” by Will Brand
Romney’s War on Art,” by Will Brand

Favorite Road Trips
AFC Goes to Philly,” by Whitney Kimball
AFC Goes to Williamstown,” by Paddy Johnson
AFC Goes to Copenhagen,” Paddy Johnson

Favorite “We Went to _____”: We Went to the Lower East Side, Vol. 2

Harshest Dis: Hennessy Youngman Talk Pretty One Day

Favorite Interview: Curation and Conservation: An Interview with Rhizome’s Ben Fino-Radin

Favorite YouTube Video: Mike Wallace On The Responsive Eye

Headline News Stories
Are Annual Budget Threats Weakening New York’s Cultural Institutions?” by John Gawarecki-Maxwell
Facing Eviction, Utah Art Center Claims Censorship,” by Whitney Kimball
e-flux Could Increase Future Funding for the Arts Through .art,” by Paddy Johnson 
The Fall of Max Protetch,” by The AFC Staff
Who Deserves Public Art Funding? A Blade of Grass Wants to Know,” by Whitney Kimball

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