Recommended GO Brooklyn Studio: Rachelle Anayansi Mozman

by The AFC Staff on September 7, 2012 GO

Rachelle Anayansi Mozman, "Sesion Fotografica".

NAME: Rachelle Anayansi Mozman 
259 A Clifton Place
Brooklyn native; Bedford Stuyvesant resident for 13 years. 

[Editors’ Note: This coming weekend, we’ll be touring Brooklyn for GO open studios, an event in which visitors vote on which artist they feel deserves  an exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum. As a service to both ourselves and other readers, we’ve scoured the event’s pages for the most promising studios and then sent those artists an email with a few questions about their work. The following posts relay what they told us.]

Rachelle Mozman’s photographs often focus on familial and cultural tensions. Her most recent series poses her mother as a group of three characters, all who act out relationships in a fictional Latin American home. Mozman has a careful eye, and we think it shows potential.

Where are you from? What’s your background?

I grew up in New York City for the most part, but lived in Panama for several years. I have two nationalities: American/Panamanian.

Are you showing your work in galleries?

Yes, most recently at Catherine Edelman in Chicago.

Why are you participating in GO?

I am very interested in being part of the community of artists that live and work in Brooklyn. I really just want to open my studio and have friends and as well as people who are new to my work come in. I don’t believe too much in the competition aspect, but I like the idea of the open studio.

Recently, you’ve been a resident at Smack Mellon, The Camera Club, and elsewhere. What keeps you coming back to residencies?

I look for the support a residency offers, as well as the relationships and artist friendships that one can make. This is very important to me.

A lot of your projects are about your mom. Does your mom get that you’re an artist?

Yes, my mom gets I am an artist, but she doesn’t get why she is an interesting subject for me. When I show her the work, she laughs, so I know she is understanding something. That is how I get her to continue participating. She thinks the pictures are funny.

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