Best Link Ever! The Ron Resch Paper and Stick Film (1970)

by Corinna Kirsch on October 25, 2012 Best Link Ever!

Any shape you can make on a computer, you can also make at home with paper. So says Ron Resch, who in The Ron Resch Paper and Stick Film (1970), demonstrates how any nerd can make endless polyhedrals, cubes, and tetrahedrons, and without needing any software. All you need is…paper and sticks. Yes, making art is just that easy.

Throughout the 40-minute-long film, Resch shows how to make “modules that repeat indefinitely in the two dimensional plane”, with results that look like origami, masks, or, in his own words, “interesting, moveable toys.”

Resch, while a serious academic, had a sense of humor: he is most well-known for designing the world’s largest easter egg in Canada.

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