#artcriticism Is Trending on Twitter, And The Conversation Is Not So Bad

by Whitney Kimball on November 28, 2012 Today Over Twitter

The Paris Salon. (Photo courtesy of whistlepigstudio.blogspot.com)

#artcriticism is trending on Twitter today, thanks to a symposium at Rotterdam’s Witte de With Center titled I AM FOR AN ART CRITICISM THAT…, which will continue this afternoon at 4 PM. You can stream it live here. Participants include critics, poets, curators, art historians, journalists, heads of arts funding agencies, and heads of masters programs.

The symposium text notes that public opinion is now driven by art news reportage, while “long form arts coverage itself is being reduced to ‘editor’s picks’, coded rating systems, and short summary reviews, with little space in which to substantiate their claims.” The focus on the format may explain why only one artist, Barbara Visser, is listed as a participant. Still, it’s a missed opportunity to hear back from artists about how their work is discussed; hopefully we’ll see some of that happen on Twitter.

The panels all start with the phrase “I AM FOR AN ART CRITICISM THAT…,” and this morning’s was “HAS A VOICE.” Here are a few of the highlights from Hyperallergic’s Hrag Vartanian and Europe and Amsterdam-based panelists, artist Barbara Visser, poet and critic Quinn Latimer, art criticism professor Maarten Doorman, H-ART’s editor-in-chief Marc Ruyters, critic Ingrid Commandeur, and moderator Vivian Sky Rehberg, the course director of the Piet Zwart Institute.













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