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by Art Fag City on January 29, 2013 Massive Links

  • Janaina Tschape lost $150k to her assistant, who traveled in luxury and spent money on EZPasses for her family. [NYPost]
  • The Times has a front page feature on how concerns about the Art Market’s lack of regulation is rising. The article is a 101 course on the gallery and auction world, and lists anything from gallery failure to list prices at their door (not a real problem) to third party guarantees (actual problem). Our favorite exchange in the piece occurs over the subject of “Chandelier bidding”, a practice in which auctioneers bring the price of an object up in the absence of bids, by pointing to the ceiling, and grabbing them out of thin air.

“I don’t think it’s unreasonable, given the clientele and players, to have that little bit of theater,” Mr. Aponte, the consumer affairs commissioner, had said in 1986 during an earlier debate.

Mr. Feigen, the art dealer, said in later hearings that he did not find that argument compelling.

“If I want drama, I’ll go to Broadway,” he said, “not to a financial market.” [NYTimes]

  • We read a lot of complaints about Blouin ArtInfo’s Canada’s Top 30 Under 30. Listicles suck and older, under-recognized artists need the attention seemed to the gist of it. As a Canadian, you’ll forgive me for giving this one a pass. As far as I’m concerned there aren’t enough lists like this one!  [Blouin ARTINFO]
  • Catherine Opie discusses her new series of introspective, “formal” portraits on view at Regen Projects and her departure from MOCA. Lots of great stuff in here including this bit of galling info: Opie left MOCA when she learned that a day after she’d donated a portfolio to preserve a person’s job in Education, that person was let go.  [Los Angeles Times]
  • International Art English gets its own feature in the UK. Many Triple Canopy readers may remember the term from last year—David Levine and Alix Rule coined the term in the journal last year after unleashing a computer program that analysed languages on an archive of e-flux press releases. Andy Beckett asks for their reflections on art speak once more for this article. [The Guardian]
  • Frieke Janssens’ eyeroll inducing photographs of smoking youngsters in period costumes have been brought to our attention thanks to AFC’s new intern Christina Capela. We’ve got nothing to say about this work, except to note that  Nir Hod’s paintings depicting the like at Paul Kasmin were marginally better. Mysteriously, they too got a write up from Huffpo. We’re waiting for a third story to appear on the site so we can write up a trend piece. [Huffington Post]

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