Coming Soon to the Armory: Marina Abramovic, The Life, The Opera

by Whitney Kimball on February 20, 2013 Newswire

It seems only yesterday that Marina Abramovic was the subject of her own performance The Artist Is Present at MoMA. And then again in 2011, of the controversy around her performance at LA MoCA. And again last year, we contemplated her life in her documentary, The Artist Is Present on HBO. And all of this led to further investigation into her boob job in the New York Times.

But wait, reports Animal New York— there’s still some water left in that sponge. Get ready for Marina Abramovic, The Opera, coming soon to the Park Avenue Armory.

Abramovic: Soviet militant. Victorian schoolmarm. Dementor. Mannequin. No facet goes unexplored, as we can see in this clip promising to pose still-unanswered questions. “Whyyyy must you cut yourself?” asks Willem Dafoe. Why must I cry? Will we ever know?

Marina Abramovic stars; Robert Wilson, now-debatable experimental theater god of Einstein on the Beach, directs. If the following clip of Antony Hegarty of Antony and the Johnsons is any indication, then Abramovic’s life manifests in wailing. And wailing. And wailing. And, for some reason, a guy on a meathook. Treasure that’s surely better than parody could ever be.

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