Google Glass Is Kind of Like “The Clock”

by Whitney Kimball on February 20, 2013 Newswire

Here’s one for the free spirits out there. Google Glass made a new video.

Some notes from Glass 2.0: Similar to how Christian Marclay’s The Clock makes viewers aware of the passage of time, Glass makes you constantly aware of the experience you’re having while you’re having it. You can wikipedia a jellyfish, while you are touching that jellyfish. You can watch a video of your roller coaster ride, while you are riding a roller coaster. Time is displayed in the upper right hand corner of the lens.

The video introduces some new artist features. If you’re trying to, say, sculpt a block of ice into a tiger head, Google brings up pictures of tigers. You’ve got a 3D printer in your brain, activated solely by the marriage of technology, brain, and hand; the concept evokes Star Trek’s VISOR, or this 3D pen that uses strands of hot plastic to sculpt in the air.

Bold, creative individuals are encouraged to apply to be “Explorers” (i.e., get a promotional pair), but it ain’t cheap. Even if you’re selected for the opportunity to advertise the product, you still have to fork over $1500. The deadline is February 27th.

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