Nick Cave and the Bad Steeds

by Whitney Kimball on March 26, 2013 Events

Nick Cave's sound suits at Grand Central. Image courtesy of Travis McGee for Creative Time

Who knew? Grand Central has a spare room. I’d never noticed the palatial wings of Vanderbilt Hall until they were swarmed yesterday with hundreds of people, all waiting for two herds of Nick Cave (artist’s) horse costumes to move. They’d been summoned there by Creative Time’s subway campaign, and hype in the art press.

Titled “Heard NYC,” the performance involves roaming through Grand Central, and it sounds majestic. As it’s explained, the vaguely tribal costumes, with their grass skirts and Tibetan embroidery, create “a peaceful herd that embraces a variety of racial and cultural identities.” Signature Nick Cave, inspiration seems derived from equal parts African dance and Fantasia mushrooms.

Unfortunately, you can’t see much. It’s hard to feel the intended irreverence standing around a corral, over Creative Time’s “#IHeardNYC” signage and iPads and cell phones, and this being New York, you gotta fight the shovers. Like everybody else, though, I got it all on camera.

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