Ai Weiwei Made a Metal Video

by Whitney Kimball on May 22, 2013 Film

Ai Weiwei will do whatever it takes to get the message out, which includes making a heavy metal video “Dumbass,” about his three month-long detention. Here’s something interesting: he draws a comparison between entrapment and being a woman, as he starts out in a suit and ends up in a dress and lipstick.

The video’s dedicated to all those who’ve been suppressed by the government, he tells The Telegraph:

This is dedicated to all those people who do not have the opportunity to raise their voice, who will never be able to raise their voices. This is not just one generation. In the past 60 years there have been innumerable amounts of people who have been killed or taken away from their homes, even tortured to death.

He reminds us that his detainment “wasn’t because of economic or tax-related crimes. In fact, they were accusing me of trying to ‘overthrow the state power.'”

It’s probably worth mentioning that the song is terrible (it’s by Beijing musician Zuoxiao Zuzhou) but that’s not to discount the message. Rock on.

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