New York’s First Citi Bike Art Performance Includes Fake Vulva

by Corinna Kirsch on June 5, 2013 Blurb

This is Citi Bike in action. Photo Courtesy: Business Insider

Less than two weeks after the debut of Citi Bike, the city’s first bike-rental program, New Yorkers got their first taste of Citi Bike art. Last night at Art on Air’s Clocktower Gallery, performance duo The New Dreamz (Andrew Jeffrey Wright and  Rose Luardo) brought a Citi Bike on stage for their new performance “The Idea”.

In “The Idea”, Rose, dressed up as a spandex-clad Jersey girl, was gifting jewelry to audience members when Andrew, her performance partner appeared on stage to give her a gift of her own: a Citi Bike.

The two rode it, posed with it, and told the audience to post pictures on the Internet. Except for a possible simulated masturbation scene, that’s pretty much all that happened before the two rode off to return the bike.

We can’t speak to the quality of the performance—we weren’t there—but what we can tell you is that using Citi Bike in a performance is a-okay. Reviewing Citi Bike rules, you can do anything you want with a Citi Bike as long as you return it in mint condition within 24 hours.

Some photos we received via text message:

Andrew helps unwrap the gift.

Rose pulls a vulva-shaped object out of her purse while posing with the bike. This definitely looks like simulated masturbation to me. (I was told otherwise.)

Here’s one from Instagram:

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