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Cannes, the most celebrated film festival, has come and gone, but the talk has yet to simmer down. In honor of the prestigious event dedicated to screening new films from around the world, sit down with selected Cannes Film Festival favorites from years past, available for viewing at SnagFilms – a free video-streaming site where you can find acclaimed documentaries to film festival winners. SnagFilms has a team of talented editors who handpick and spotlight notable films worth watching. Discover your next favorite movie, starting with these three from Festival de Cannes:

1. Other Than (2012): As the modern world becomes smaller and our differences become larger, can we afford to ignore what it means to be similar and yet unique? Eleven filmmakers on five continents explore the fine line between us and them.

2. Kadosh (1999): Set in the Mea Sherim quarter of Jerusalem, Kadosh explores a hermetic world almost never seen on the screen. For 10 years, the pious Rivka has devoted herself to her husband, but their marriage remains childless. Presumed barren, she is rejected by her community, which prizes children above all else.

3. Happy Together (1997): Winner of the Best Director prize, Wong Kar-Wai’s Happy Together is a stunning display of filmmaking style and a touching story of love on the brink of dissolution. Hong Kong superstars Tony Leung and Leslie Cheung play a pair of lovers living out the waning days of their relationship as expatriates in Buenos Aires.

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