Best Link Ever! Kittycat Snowstorm!

by Paddy Johnson and Ian Marshall on June 25, 2013 Best Link Ever!


Meow! Meow meow meow! Meow!

Your day just got a hell of a lot better. Let us introduce you to Catflakes, a website that floats cat heads and legs in snowflake shapes across your screen. You control the amount of catflakes, wind strength and direction, as well as what kinds of catflakes you want; the website offers siamese, tabby, black cat, white cat, etc. and reduces each breed to colors in the control panel (Siamese cat = pink). The Snowshoe Siamese catflake looks a lot like Tardar Sauce, the internet-celebrity kitty from the “grumpy cat” meme. The most perplexing feature on this website is the innocuous question “Is that the worst day of your life?”. Answer “no”, (the default), and catflakes fall as they would otherwise. “Yes”  switches your screen to darkness—a stormy backdrop—and floating siamese cats with the text “GOOD” under their chin.

The menu header offers one more surprise; another website called “That Dot”. The site features a wall of cat heads whose eyes track your cursor as it flits about the page. You can even turn off the lights, leaving just eyes.

Purrpurr also promises something called “Rockcats”, but we’ve got no word on what that is. It’s coming soon.

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