AFC Exclusive: Jonas Mekas’s First Vine!

by Rhett Jones on June 28, 2013 Rise Up

A great moment in Vine has occurred. Last night we went to famed filmmaker Jonas Mekas’ opening at Microscope Gallery and asked him to shoot his first Vine ever for us. Most Vines look like Jonas Mekas movies to begin with, so we figured why not go to the source? Best moment not caught on Vine: watching Mekas’s eyes light up as he learned what Vine is and what he could do with it.
“OUTLAW: NEW WORKS” is on view at Microscope until July 29th and features prints of Mekas film stills, obscene xerox collages, and a new video piece. We’ve Vined every piece in the show.


Every piece in “OUTLAW: NEW WORKS” Vine not by Jonas Mekas

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