STUFF: LaTurbo Avedon’s Virtual Necessities

by LaTurbo Avedon on July 17, 2013 STUFF

[Editor’s note: Are you having trouble understanding artists through their art? Understand them through their STUFF instead. In this edition of STUFF we bring you 10 things from Virtual Avatar/Artist LaTurbo Avedon. Avedon is an artist who is only known by a name and a Second Life avatar. Her first solo show in New York opens Saturday July 2oth. Because of the anonymous nature of the artist all work will be sold via Bitcoin. As she says in her email, “Here is my stuff, well, as much as it can be~”.]

LaTurbo Avedon sent us this snapshot of her workspace



V important, unless I want to go back to MS Paint.


Social Media

Thanks for not deleting me yet – I’ve basically managed to coordinate everything I’ve done in the past year via Facebook and Tumblr.


Collection of Trance Albums

There’s a lot of time that goes into rendering everything, and it helps to have a good collection of music to listen to. Some of these discs include: Alice Deejay- Who Need Guitars Anyway?Paul Oakenfold- Another World Disc 2, and ATC- Planet Pop.


Sandbox Workspace

It helps a lot for me to have a large workspace, so I use OpenSim for some of my videos. I can build whatever I want here and interact with it without rendering too much.


Neuromancer, by William Gibson


There are a few good .PDFs of this floating around that are surely worth picking up. And also irl if you’re into that.



Probably categorized by Netflix as a Nostalgic Sci-Fi Action Comedy – 28.8bps (sic) modems and Angelina Jolie as shero hacker diva.



One of the few garments that I can say is wearable by both rendered and physical bodies.


Rendering Software

~thanks for all the antialiasing~


Google Images

A tool that allows me to find images of anything I ask for.


Classic Mesh Shades

My first accessory ever acquired in Second Life. Copy/Mod/Transfer

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