This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Last Chances for Summer Shows, and Max Fish

by Whitney Kimball and Julia Wolkoff on July 22, 2013 Events

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Last week, MoMA was screening The Dark Knight; this week, it’s the entire Harry Potter series. Yes, looks like we are the last ten people stuck in New York, readers. We’ll see ya at the openings.

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Bleecker Street Arts Club

Bleecker Street Arts Club
6 PMWebsite

Dead Inside: A Group Sculpture Exhibition Curated by Max Wolf and Meghan Carleton

Despite a title a bit harsh for my delicate summer psyche, “Dead Inside” presents an opportunity to think about sculpture that takes a conceptual approach to the body. Among the artists featured are John Chamberlain, Paul McCarthy (he’s everywhere), Krisha Murari, Jerry Blackman, Al Hansen, and others.

MNN (Time Warner channel 67) and online

10 PMWebsite

Pilot TV: Experimental Media for Feminist Trespass

If you’re a fan of experimental video art and public access movements, then the 20-minute documentary “Pilot TV: Experimental Media for Feminist Trespass” is a must-see. Produced in 2004, the event brought together a large group of feminist and radical artists to create a four-day DIY experimental broadcasting station; artists presented over twenty-five TV pilots in that time, including shows by boundary-pushing artists A.K. Burns, Carrie Oakie, Math Bass, MPA, K8 Hardy, Emily Roysdon, and live recorded lectures by Dara Greenwald, Faith Wilding and Gregg Bordowitz. This week, R. E. H. Gordon presents the documentary on MNN and online, as part of “Dirty Looks.”


City Hall Park

Broadway, Manhattan, NY 10007
5:30-6:30 PM

Lightness of Being

Now that the heat wave is over, it’s safe to go outside and explore some public art again. The Public Art Fund is showcasing twelve sculptures by twelve international artists in City Hall Park. Works exhibited for the first time in New York as well as new commissions will intermingle. In the true spirit of summer, the art on display will share an irreverent humor and propensity for bright colors.

The Lower East Side Printshop

306 West 37th Street, 6th Floor
6-8 PMWebsite


The Lower East Side Printshop is putting on a show featuring Raul Martinez, Irena Pejovic, Cristina Morono, Andrew Chan, Felix Plaza, Marie Schwartzapfel, Heidi Dupont, Liz Zanis, Elian Stolarsky, Nikki Green, and Rebecca Bird. Keep the tradition of working with paper alive by purchasing a few prints.


Hundred Forsyth

100 Forsyth Street
7-9 PMWebsite

Paper or Plastic

Last chance to catch Hundred Forsyth’s lightning round of summer shows! They’ve been fun, and consistently an opportunity to see promising work from young and emerging artists. This week, “Paper or Plastic” features, from what we can gather, artists who take an interest in delicate materials: Nobutaka Aozaki, Stephanie Gonzalez-Turner, Chad Gordon, Miller McCormick, Anna Miller, and Sam Stewart.

Temp Art Space

57 Walker Street
7-10 PM

Where it looks like itself

“If it looks like itself, what does it mean?” Such is the question posed by Where it looks like itself, three artists who make objects out of banal objects and everyday materials. That sounds dry, but we’re interested because these artists tend do so with thoughtful twists and turns; the show features Cameron Crawford, Marian Tubbs, and Allie Pisarro-Grant, who readers may remember as a featuree in our 2012 Bushwick Open Studios round-up.

Max Fish

178 Ludlow Street

End of Days

On August 1st, the art world’s favorite gallery-slash-bar Max Fish is moving from the Lower East Side to Williamsburg. On Thursday, they close their final exhibition “End of Days,” curated by Ava Rollins and Yolande Whitcomb. There’s no actual event for this, but perhaps we can all write a memorial tweet the day of. It’s the end of an era.

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