Best Link Ever: Block by Block, Brooklyn’s Past and Present by BRKLNR

by Ian Marshall on August 5, 2013 Best Link Ever!

A zoomed-in view from BRKLNR's latest interactive map

The folks at BRLYNR, a Brooklyn-obsessed blog, are really good at innovative and informative maps. They’ve made a map about journalism coverage neighborhood by neighborhood, a map about the most dangerous bike routes, and now, an interactive map that uses color to depict when every building in Brooklyn was built.

Block By Block: Brooklyn’s Past and Present is this week’s Best Link Ever, and in our opinion, the best map they’ve made to date. Zoomed out, you can see a lot of yellow, the color assigned for buildings built around 1900. Zooming in, neighborhoods like Bed-Stuy reveal buildings from the late 1800s while Brooklyn Heights holds a high concentration of properties from the 1840s and ‘50s. If color isn’t your thing, don’t worry: when your mouse scrolls over a building its address and precise date of construction appears in the top right corner of the screen.

If you love Brooklyn, this map is terribly, terribly addictive. So long, productivity!

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