Goodbye, Toomer Labzda

by Whitney Kimball on September 4, 2013 Newswire

"Year One," at Toomer Labzda. July 2012. Works by Kate Steciw, Blue Curry, Joe Brittain, Mia Taylor and Leah Dixon. (Image courtesy of Toomer Labzda)

Sad news, everybody: Toomer Labzda has closed. The small Lower East Side gallery will be remembered for its consistent support of emerging artists, among them, AFC-admired folks like Kate Steciw, Letha Wilson, and Max Warsh. This summer, the gallery was a hub of activity when co-founders Helen Toomer and Christopher Labzda gave their space over to a lightning round of shows by emerging curators, in what was called “Hundred Forsyth Summer Shows (As Many as Possible).” The gallery was also a member of the prestigious New Art Dealers Alliance (NADA), which consistently highlights the best of the New York emerging art world.

100 Forsyth Street will become the headquarters for the Collective Design fair, which Toomer helped to launch last spring, and which she will now be directing. Toomer also helped launch Pulse London. In her closing announcement, she assures us that she will “continue to collaborate with artists and designers through alternative projects and Collective Design Fair.”

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